Ad-H2H (Host to Host)

Host to Host

A system with a Capability to process all file formats (text/xml) current and future supported by NACH system i.e. ACH DR, ACH CR, NACH CR (ECS), NACH DR (ECS), APB, EBT, MMS, Aadhaar Mapper, Aadhaar V-lookup file formats, etc. The system also allows Auto Sign and Verify, Auto - Split and merge features, and email.

Ad-H2H (Host to Host)

  • Features

    • Secure Application
    • Encrypted Data
    • Auto Sign and Verify
    • Easy Processes
    • Seamless Integration
  • Advantages

    • Reduce processing time
    • Manage inward-outward
    • Digital signatures integrated
    • Process all file formats
    • Fully customizable

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