Ad-CTS (Cheque Truncation System)

Cheque Truncation System

The Ad-CTS is a complete solution required by banks for Cheque Processing. The solution is an in-House development for processing of cheques as per the requirement of NPCI. The Cheque image is captured and integrated with the data captured on the cheque. The uploadable file is then generated for CHI upload. Returns marking, P2F pullout , IQA pullout, batch balancing, queries, MIS, etc. are the other features of the solution, UV Scan as required by NPCI from time to time.

Ad-CTS (Cheque Truncation System)

  • Features

    • More Advanced
    • Secure Data
    • Superior Verification
    • Effective Reconciliation
    • User-friendly Layout
  • Advantages

    • Reduces Operational Risks
    • Quicker Clearance of Cheques
    • Shorter Clearing Cycles
    • Lower Risk and Chance of Fraud
    • Benefiting the System as a Whole

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