• Services Related to Registrar

  • Total Share Registry ServicesOpen or Close
    Services covered are :
    • Registering transfer of shares in the physical form.
    • dematrializing / Rematerializing share certificates
    • Setting up of book closure date/record date.
    • Recording movement of investors holding and their basic information including their specimen signature in electronic media.
    • Recording of Change of Address, Bank Mandates and ECS requests received from investors in physical mode.
    • Dividend Calculation, printing, distribution and reconciliation.
    • Interaction with Stock Exchanges, SEBI and other connected statutory bodies.
    • Investor Services including providing investor related information across the counter through written communication/telephone/email.
    • Disbursement of cash and non cash corporate benefits which includes Dividend/Interest/Redemption payments.
    • Providing periodic statistical information to clients such as shareholding pattern, category-wise distribution, and geographical distribution of holders, to facilitate Management decisions.
    • Maintenance of records of Inward/Outward. Maintaining of statutory records such as Transfer Deeds, Demat / Remat Request Form, Register of Members, Allotment Registers, undelivered returned security documents and other Registers and Returns.
    • Despatching all corporate communications to the shareholders.
    • Facilitating shareholder polls and scrutiny of poll voting.
    • Advisory services & value additions.
  • Depository Connectivity ServicesOpen or Close

      Adroit has connectivity with both the depositories - NSDL & CDSL and provides the electronic connectivity interface to, both listed, unlisted and Pvt. Limited companies. Adroit also provides this service to large number of clients for their Debt Instruments . Services covered are as follows:

    • Interacting with NSDL / CDSL for ISIN creation / activation dematrialization & dematrialization
    • Corporate actions
    • Reconciliation of electronic holding
    • Interacting with Depository Participants
  • Rights & Bonus Issues - Registry Related ServicesOpen or Close

    Services related to Registrar for Rights Issues:

    • Processing & Despatching entitlement forms along with offer document.
    • Sending split form for the request received from the shareholders.
    • Mail Instruction to collecting Bank / Branches/SCSB
    • Collection of Daily subscription / PC/Final Certificates and Application Form on daily basis.
    • Data Capture & Preparation of Basis of Allotment
    • Prepare Allotment Register, Print Share Certificate / Refund Orders
    • Uploading of data to Depositories for crediting securities electronically.
    • Despatching share certificates/intimation letters, refunds orders.
    • Facilitate Listing.
    • Reconciliation of Refund payments.
    • Attending to post Issue Investor queries.

      Services related to Registrar for Bonus Issues

    • Setting up of record date.
    • Processing & Printing of Bonus Register.
    • Print & Despatch of Bonus Share Certificates / Intimation Letters.
    • Upload of data to Depositories for crediting securities electronically.
    • Facilitate Listing.
    • Attending to post Issue Investor queries.
  • Initial Public Offers - Related Registry ServicesOpen or Close

    Adroit has acted as Registrars to IPOs, both through the Fixed Price process and Book Building process. The activities are divided into three parts: Pre issue actives, activities during the issue and post Issue The brief outline of our services is:

    Pre-issue Activities

    • Customized software for every issue.
    • Sending instructions to Banks for reporting of collection figures and collection & applications.
    • Liaison with the Bankers and the Lead mangers.

    Activities during the Issue

    • Downloading the Bid data from BSE and NSE.
    • Co-ordination with all the Escrow bankers and SCSB for the ASBA Applications bid.
    • Liaise with clients and Issue Intermediaries.

    Post Issue Activities

    • Reconciliation with the Bid data and the Bank data.
    • Provide Allotment Alternatives in consultation with Client / Merchant Banker and Regulatory Authorities.
    • Facilitating Listing.
    • Uploading of data to the Depositories for crediting of securities electronically.
    • Despatch of Refund orders / Credit Advise.
    • Periodic Report submission to Regulatory Authorities.
    • Reconciliation of Refund payments.
    • Attending to post issue Investor queries.
  • Fixed Deposit Registry ServicesOpen or Close

    Services related to Fixed Deposit :

    • Acceptance of application.
    • Processing fresh / renewal applications..
    • Printing & despatching FD Receipts.
    • Interest processing & dispatch.
    • Payments through physical Instruments & Electronic Credit
    • Reconciliation Principal & Interest amounts
    • Facilitating filing of statutory returns.
    • Help Desk services.
  • Other Registry Related ServicesOpen or Close
    • Assist Clients at AGM / EGM / Court Convened Meetings.
    • Postal Ballot Processing Services.
    • Sub-division of Shares & Exchange.
    • Open Offers De-Listing and Buyback Processing Services.
    • Merger and Demerger Related Services.
    • Preferential Allotment/ADR/GDR allotment.
  • Services Provided to Banking Sector

  • IT ServicesOpen or Close

    Adroit believes in providing personalized services in all sectors. For maximum flexibility, speed and efficiency a robust IT strategy is critical. The work done manually even in a computer often gives us wrong report. But when a software is developed that suits your specific needs is available in the market why not avail it. Adroit provide you with a custom-build a software that will meet your specifications- efficiently and delivering our proven certainty.

    • Currently we have developed many such solutions to various banks.
  • Reconciliation software for telecom mandatesOpen or Close

    Banks are supporting various clients in the telecom industry. For maintaining a proper control on the cheques/cash collected from various locations, banked and cleared it is very difficult to do the same manually. For this we have developed a specialized program which meets the needs of the banks and has helped to keep a proper Checkon day to day basis with a proper recon on the Checkrealized and return cheques. For mismatch cases we coordinate with the various locations and keep the reconciliation up to date.

  • Reconciliation software for travel mandatesOpen or Close

    Similarly we have developed a program for the travel mandates . The bank provides its collection services to various travel agency. The daily collection of the forms, processing, verifying with the data received from the clients, matching off with the bank data, tallying with daily currency rates for the various countries and reconciliation of the payments received is provided on day to day basis. The various report such as daily report, credit report, pending reports etc are provided on daily basis.

  • Reconciliation of Interest warrant/Dividend warrantsOpen or Close

    This a specialized software developed by for the reconciliation of the dividend account which are opened with banks. We provide with a complete reconciliation of the physical warrants with the master data which we receive from the bank. The paid/unpaid status is regularly updated and send to banks. Issuance of DD is also done for cases after updating the status. Informing of closure of account and the final balance to be transferred.

  • PDC Vaulting and processing along with reconciliation through software.Open or Close
    • Content will be coming soon
  • Processing of various other day to day requirements of the banksOpen or Close
    • Content will be coming soon

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Purpose : AGM/ DIVIDEND 20%

APLAB LIMITED From 01.08.2014 To 07.08.2014
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