AD-EMandate Through ESign

NACH debit emandates using eSign

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Destination Bank

  • Mandate approval process , validation of eSign xml form and data file based on the data submitted by the Sponsor Bank through NACH.
  • Digital signature validation engine to validate the eSign xml form received from NACH.
  • Verify the NACH Debit mandate data file.
  • Selection of an appropriate reason for rejections available in the system.
  • Creation of response file to submitted by the destination Bank
  • SMS facitlity to customers on receipt of mandates for both acceptance and rejection of mandates.

Sponsor Bank

  • Sending of eSign xml file to destination bank after receipt of the file from corporate through NACH
  • Process to ensure that all the eSign form and data file are uploaded into MMS system for maintenance of repository.
  • Facility to upload list of live banks master to verify whether the destination bank is live in eSign for processing the mandates.
  • Facility to generate reports to provided back to the aggregator or corporate the UMR number and the reference number after acceptance of eSign mandate by the destination bank.


NACH debit emandates using eSign
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